Your choice...

High performance re-usable chips or
convenient disposable bib chips!

We also offer the unbeatable accuracy of high-speed photo finish, just ask!

Hardware Solutions

race result Passive System (disposable chip system)

  • State of the art disposable tag system
  • Chips are integrated into the bib number
  • With early packet pickup, athletes have everything they need (including a chip) before race day
  • No need to collect chips at the finish line; save your volunteers for other tasks
  • Only 50 cents each; or FREE if we set up online registration for you (double win)!

race result Active System (re-usable chip system)

  • The new world leader in high performance active chip systems
  • Extremely high read rates at virtually 100%
  • Industry leading precision for rock solid results accuracy
  • Recommended solution for cycling events and triathlon/multisport
  • Offered at no extra cost; event responsible for chip collection

FinishLynx System (photo finish)

  • High speed (2000 frames per second) digital finish line camera
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Recommended for use at cycling events and championship level running events
  • Used with either chip system (or by itself) for visual proof of finish order

Software Solutions

race result 11 (timing software)

  • This is where the "magic" of race timing happens
  • Software so flexible, we can time the most complicated events you can imagine
  • Allows us to provide Instant Results Kiosks, Live Online Timing, Live Leaderboard, and more
  • Your results are permanently stored online where you can easily find them
  • We will customize your results page upon request (see sample here)

Online Registration by RaceMenu

  • Need online registration? No problem! We'll set it up with our partner site at at no cost to you
  • Save money! Processing fees are much lower than and most other sites
  • Get more participants for your event! RaceMenu's social media features can boost your registrations in a huge way