RaceRite is a Boulder, Colorado based race timing company serving events nearby and across the nation. Our success is based on a drive to offer nothing short of the best timing services available, anywhere.

It starts with you, the customer. We take the time to understand exactly what you need for your event, we put together a plan, and then we deliver.

Race timing is a technology focused industry. In order to consistently deliver accurate, quick results, a timing company must be extremely tech savvy -- this means having the ability to troubleshoot and write code under pressure. At RaceRite, we are the experts, and we have it under control.

Whether you need a high performance active chip system for your cycling or triathlon event, or you want the convenience of a disposable bib tag system for your 20,000-participant running race, we have you covered. Want live online results? Instant Receipt Kiosks? Live Leaderboard Displays? Results posted to Facebook? No problem, we do it all!